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Double Your Course Sales will help you sell more courses every day so you can live with true freedom.

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If you don’t have sales, you don’t have a business.

… And guess what? You don’t have freedom either.

You know the future of your business can’t depend on you giving up your precious time anymore.

When you first started your online business, you didn’t envision your future being a never-ending hustle. You imagined …

  • Being location-independent.
  • Having sales flow in on autopilot.
  • Creating a life of impact, where you can spend your time with the things that matter most to you.

But unfortunately, your life looks NOTHING like this. Your life is the exact opposite of freedom.

  • You’re tied to your computer and your clients.
  • You spend many nights riddled with anxiety.
  • Your family sees you at your worst more than they see you at your best.

What confuses you even more is NONE of the successful online entrepreneurs you follow have this life. They have freedom and impact … and you long for a taste of what they have.

So you’ve done what these successful entrepreneurs have all done … you’ve created an online course. You hope your online courses will become your way to share your expertise with the masses, create revenue that’s independent of your time, and give you the true freedom you want.

You have the online course, and you believe it’s pretty amazing. Heck, it could change people’s lives! And yet, the masses aren’t banging down your door to get your course.

The sinking feeling sets in, and you realize: all you’re missing is the MAIN ingredient … SALES.

You completely overlooked the sales aspect, because for you, it’s not about the money. It’s about making a difference and creating freedom. But you’ve finally realized: to have enough freedom to make a dent in the world, you need your course to sell.

Getting those sales is the problem.


How can you increase your course sales and finally claim the freedom you want in life?

The answer to this question is something I’ve spent years trying to discover. It’s not simple, and it’s certainly not conventional. But done right and it could give you the life you want.

My name is Neal Samudre, and it’s time I tell you a little bit more about who I am and how I can help you double your course sales.


I’ve helped Internet millionaires in dozens of niches build 6-figure selling machines for their online courses.


… But I wasn’t born with this course-selling knowledge. I’ve spent years learning how to sell online courses, mainly because I wanted freedom.

Just one month before I married my wife, I told her I wanted to drop out of graduate school and become an entrepreneur. Why? Because I didn’t want to hustle for a degree that would trap me in a lifeless 9-5 job for the rest of my life. I wanted the margin in life to make a true impact in the world.

Fortunately, my wife let me pursue this dream. And for 2 years, I consistently failed. While she finished up graduate school, we hovered slightly above the poverty line, barely making enough to pay rent each month.

I felt like a failure. But I knew what I wanted … I wanted the freedom that came from making passive income sales.

In a desperate measure, I bought tickets to conferences I couldn’t afford so I could rub shoulders with experts who were selling their courses consistently.

One thing led to another, and all of a sudden, I was helping these successful entrepreneurs build their course selling machines. And I was pretty darn good at it too …

“On the first day Neal launched the evergreen course funnel he built for us, we had a whopping 44 new payment plans! Since then, we’ve added 65 more payment plans from that same funnel. It’s making our company consistent money every day. We couldn’t be more thankful.”

Will Graham, GM of The Rocket Company

“Four months ago I spent countless hours spinning my wheels trying to find customers for my business.

However, after following Neal’s simple yet effective advice on my funnel, I’ve been able to generate quality leads without spending hours on end.

In the past two weeks alone, I’ve…

– Generated 406 clicks from Facebook Ads to my landing page 
– Of those 174 opted in (42.9%)
– And 7 scheduled one-on-one sales calls with me! (4.0%)

With my newfound confidence in my funnel, I don’t have to worry about finding, qualifying, and converting customers, my funnel does it for me!”

Declan Wilson, Founder of SHRPA

“I was able to pull in close to 6-figures with my evergreen course funnel this month thanks to Neal’s copy and marketing expertise. Working with him has given my business new life! Thanks Neal!”

David Molnar, Celebrity Photographer

“Neal Samudre is GIFTED. He will make you money, keep your visitors and contacts engaged, and move the trends of your business in the right direction.”

Denni Griffith, President of Marketing Efficiency Consultants

I studied what these entrepreneurs were doing, and added my own flavor to them. Then after months of soaking in their secrets, I had it …


A proven framework for selling online courses 24/7


The deeper I dove into this world, the more I realized: everyone online is pretty much selling their online courses in the same way.

They either:

  1. Do a large (Jeff Walker style) open and close cart launch 2x a year.
  2. Have an automated webinar funnel run every day.

I admit, both models are successful. With an open and close cart launch, you could get a massive cash injection twice a year, and live off that. And with an automated webinar funnel, you can just make small tweaks to it, and obsess about your profitability each month.

But neither were models I wanted. First off, large open and close cart launches are STRESSFUL. It felt like I was putting too many eggs in one basket, and I didn’t want to live that way.

And with automated webinar funnels, it seemed like they were hit and miss. Sometimes they would make lots of money, and sometimes they would flop.

So I had an idea … what if I combined both?


This framework requires a new approach. Sure, you can stick to what everyone else is doing to sell online courses. But if you want something fresh that works, listen closely …

The idea behind the course selling machine is simple …

  1. Cold audience registers for a webinar.
  2. They either miss, leave early, or attend the webinar.
  3. Those who miss or leave early receive more nurture with pre-launch content.
  4. Those who attend are placed in a launch sequence where they have time to decide.
  5. Anyone who doesn’t buy is placed in a follow-up campaign.
  6. Anyone who buys is pitched on an upsell.

As a result …

  • No leads fall through the cracks.
  • You maximize the ROI from your leads.
  • Everything is automated so you spend more time serving your students.
  • You can depend on the sales of your course.
  • You finally can live with freedom knowing you have predictable income. #winning

This approach takes the best of both common course-selling ways, and fuses them together in a dependable system.

This is called an evergreen course funnel, and if executed correctly, it’ll guarantee greater profits with your online course.

But I soon realized, this takes a lot of effort to build. Without someone guiding you through how to craft all of your assets so your course sells, you can get lost.

That’s why I created an online course to show you the EXACT step-by-step process for building this system from scratch.



Double Your Course Sales is a step-by-step curriculum showing you how to build an automated system to sell your courses consistently and double your revenue.

This course will guide you through the exact same process I’ve used to increase course sales for Internet millionaires, celebrity influencers, and the world’s fastest companies.

The course includes:

  • 12 HD video lessons, taught by yours truly.
  • Fill-in-the-blank copy templates, to help you write your copy with ease.
  • Access to my Trello board and checklists to track your progress.
  • A library of the best tools to use for building your evergreen course funnel.
  • And more!

By the end of this course, you will have a dependable course selling system built, so you can enjoy more freedom and impact in life.

Here’s how it works

Double Your Course Sales is comprised of 3 modules to guide you step-by-step through the process of building an evergreen course funnel, or your course selling machine.

Module One: Build

I’ll teach you how to script an amazing webinar, design and record your webinar, and how to automate your presentation in the best tools out there. This pre-recorded webinar will be your main selling asset, so I’ll make sure it counts!

Module Two: Write

I’ll teach you how to write every single email that’ll make your course-selling system run. This includes your Show-Up Emails, your Replay Emails, your Sales Page, your Bridge Emails, and your Launch Emails. By the end of this module, you’ll have stellar copy to make your system sparkle.

Module Three: Automate

Finally, I’ll teach you the technology side of this system. We’ll assemble all the assets in your email marketing service provider, and make sure everything runs smoothly before we press the “LAUNCH” button.

“As soon as I bought Neal’s course I was blown away by the immediate value inside. What Neal offers is a plug-and-play template that is saving me days of building and writing―and honestly? His writing scripts are better than what I would have come up with on my own!”

John Meese, Co-founder of Notable Themes

But wait, there’s more

You’ll also get these bonuses when you buy the course.

Bonus #1: The Private DYCS Student Community

Inside a private Facebook group, you get to interact with me and other students. This will be a safe and valuable space for you to showcase your assets, brag on your success, and see what’s working for others. Also, some of my best contractors are in this group, and I bet they would be willing to help you out with your evergreen course funnel.

Bonus #2: The Copy Vault ($99 value)

Did I mention you have to write a lot of copy inside this course? In my copy vault, you’ll get access to my library of swipe files. These swipe files will help you write incredible copy for your evergreen course funnel.

Claim your early access before prices increase

Think of Double Your Course Sales as an ever-expanding library to reference whenever you need to increase your course sales. This being said, while the main curriculum is pretty much complete, there’s still more lessons to be added. As soon as the course is complete, I’ll be raising the price to $997.

Today, early access to the course is available for just $497. You can buy it today before prices raise, and get started on building your evergreen course funnel.


Who is this course for?

This course is for coaches, consultants, freelancers, and high-ticket service providers who have a course they want to sell more of, but haven’t found the secret formula that’ll guarantee successful selling.

What if I’m not good with technology?

I created this course with you in mind. Frankly, I don’t assume anyone is a tech genius. That’s why I show you step-by-step how to handle the technical aspects of this course.

Will I need to buy other pieces of software to make this course work?

Yes and no. While you can gain the value of this course just from all the knowledge about how to script your webinar and write emails, you need to buy specific softwares in order to have this system built out. But don’t worry, I’ll show you what those softwares are inside.

Also P.S., while I can build this funnel inside of Infusionsoft, I stay away from teaching this inside the course. Why? Because I know most of the world doesn’t understand Infusionsoft. You’re welcome 🙂

I hate being on camera. Do I need to do a webinar to make your system work?

You need to do a video presentation, but it’s not live. It will be pre-recorded. If you hate being on camera, then you definitely need to be inside this course. Why? Because I show you the script you need to have to record the perfect presentation.

Do we have access to you inside the course?

Yes! While I won’t be personally guiding you through the creation of your evergreen course funnel, I will be available to answer questions (and be your cheerleader!) inside the private FB community.

When can I expect to have my evergreen course funnel built?

Depends. Some people tear through this material and take full advantage of the fill-in-the-blank copy templates and guidelines. They build this system in a month. Others take their time. It depends on how fast you want to move through this process!

Here’s the Part Where You Act NOW

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Double Your Course Sales

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“Neal’s experience speaks for itself. The websites he has created are powerful tools for engagement, sharing and building content, and are key elements to launching a successful business. I’d highly recommend working with him!”

Betsy Cowan
City of Boston Neighborhood Business Manager

“After just one meeting with Neal, I finally have the vision and easy-to-follow plan to bring my business vision to life.”

Ben Dambman
Creator of "This is Home"

“Neal’s technological and eSocial expertise is tip-top, zing-zang. He’s the must-have companion for all your online endeavors.”

Devin Marks

“Hiring Neal as a marketing consultant was one of the best decisions my business has recently made.”

Rachel Miller

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Early Access
$497 one-time

Price increase soon

Double Your Course Sales

The Entire 3 Module Video Course & Community

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